General knowledge in English literature mcq with answer | GK-04

General Knowledge MCQ in English
01. 'Pride and Prejudice' is written by……
a. Emily Bronte
b. Charlotte Bronte
c. Jane Austin
d. Charles Dickens 
Answer: c. Jane Austin

02. 'Achilles' was-
a. a great Trojan fighter
b. a great Greek fighter
c. a great Roman fighter
d. husband of Helen
Answer: b. a great Greek fighter

03. Do not face.
a. in    
b. on      
c. at       
d. over
Answer: c. at       

04. What part of speech is the underlined word "I am a university student"?
a. Adverb   
b. Pronoun
c. Adjective
d. Noun
Answer: c. Adjective

05. My God! I am undone! My God is-     
a. Noun       
b. Adverb
c. Interjection
d. Preposition
Answer: c. Interjection

06. What is the meaning of the word 'Bad blood'?
a. friendship
b. animosity
c. faithfulness
d. fraternity
Answer: b. animosity

07. I wish I......the wings of a bird.
a. have
b. had  
c. owned   
d. put on
Answer: b. had  

08. The word imbecile means-
a. sterile       
b. stupid  
c. surprising      
d. superb
Answer: b. stupid  

09. What is the past participle form of 'put’?
a. putted      
b. putten  
c. had putten     
d. put
Answer: d. put

10. Please fill in the blank: Men differ…....opinion.
a. from
b. at     
c. in   
d. about
Answer: d. about

11. Which one is the correct passive form?
a. He ought to have been helped by you.
b. He would have been helped by you.
c. He should have been helped by you.
d. He got to have been helped by you.
Answer: b. He would have been helped by you.

12. The word Lunar is related to……
a. Moon
b. Sun   
c. Earth   
d. Light
Answer: a. Moon

13. The word Nuptial is related to……..
a. Night  
b. Marriage   
c. Neptune
d. Norway
Answer: b. Marriage   

14. Octogenarian is a person between the age of-
a. 11-19 years
b. 80-89 years
c. 40-50 years         
d. 60-80 years
Answer: b. 80-89 years

15. Lingua France means-
a. French language
b. A mixed language
c. Latin language     
d. Translated version
Answer: b. A mixed language

16. Passage to India is written by………
a. E.M.'Forster           
b. Saadat Hassan Minto
c. Rudyard Kipling    
d. Galls worthy
Answer: a. E.M.'Forster

17. Out and out means-
a. outside
b. thoroughly
c. to the last
d. not at all.
Answer: b. thoroughly

18. Burning question means-
a. Hard question      
b. To set fire to question paper
c. Much talked about
d. To end the issue
Answer: c. Much talked about

19. Fill in the gap: His house is adjacent......mine.
a. with
b. against 
c. to     
d. beside
Answer: c. to     

20. What is the single word for A hater of mankind?
a. Hatred        
b. Enemy
c. Misanthrope  
d. None of these
Answer: c. Misanthrope  

21. What is the masculine gender of Mare?
a. Mermaid  
b. Bear
c. Stallion
d. Dog
Answer: c. Stallion

22. Science dealing with the behavior of bodies in motion is called……..
a. Statics
b. Semantics
c. Kinetics
d. Mnemonics
Answer: a. Statics

23. In share market 'Bearish' indicates………
a. a high price      
b. a falling price
c. Bonus         
d. Spot market
Answer: b. a falling price

24. Advalorem means…….
a. Invaluable     
b. Valuables
c. According to value   
d. Valueless
 Answer: c. According to value   

25. It's 10 a. m. now. The the eastern sky.
a. shines         
b. is shining
c. has been shining    
d. had been shining
Answer: b. is shining


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