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English Grammar Model Test Question for jsc, ssc and hsc exam
Model Test Question 
English 2nd paper 
exercise with answer pdf download

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 1
(a) They, start, the, morning, in, will, early.
(b) Wrong, he, that, he, did, knew.
(c) The, questions, to, enough, clever, was, he, understand.
(d) is, teacher, Mr. Moin, exceptional, an, college, the, in.
(e) he, me, the, picture, showed, real.

(a) They will start early in the morning.
(b) He knew that he did wrong.
(c) He was clever enough to understand the question.
(d) Mr. Moin is an exceptional teacher in the college.
(e) He showed me the real picture.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 2
(a) most like of fruits all apples the I.
(b) many in spent years Canada he.
(c) is brief the in narrated story.
(d) I, I abroad English so am studying that go may.
(e) some to wanted I chocolates buy.
(f) letter worte buy to books Shova to father her a.
(g) last boy Monday the has since suffering been.

(a) I like apples most of all the fruits.
(b) He spent in Canada many years.
(c) The story is narrated in brief.
(d) I am studying English so that I may go abroad.
(e) I wanted to buy some chocolates.
(f) Shova wrote a letter to her father to buy books.
(g) The boy has been suffering since last Monday.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 3
(a) Good, vegetables, for, green, are, health.
(b) Prevent, trees, floods, and, drought.
(c) Is, habit, excellent, reading, and, books.
(d)  Duties, not, we, neglect, should, our.
(e) The, blessings, we, of, enjoy, science.

(a) Green vegetables are good for health.
(b) Trees prevent floods and drought.
(c) Reading books is an excellent habit.
(d) We should not neglect our duties.
(e) We enjoy the blessings of science.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 4
(a) Country in there our six are seasons
(b) One them winter is of
(c) Season it is mist the and of cold
(d)  Cold morning is misty so a winter and
(e) Fog is there dense everywhere

(a) There are six seasons in our country.
(b) One of them is winter.
(c) It is the season of cold and mist.
(d) So a winter morning is cold and misty.
(e) There is dense fog everywhere.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 5
(a) dancing, girl, went, the, away.
(b) an, live, age, we, science, of, in.
(c) until, stay, here, come, I.
(d) going, he, my, to, insisted, on, Sylhet.
(e) our, of, the, country, hot, climate, is.

(a) The girl went away dancing.
(b) We live in an age of science.
(c) Stay here until I come.
(d) He insisted on my going to Sylhet.
(e) The climate of our country is hot.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 6
(a) Towns a problem is in all traffic jam.
(b) 1971 became it in independent.
(c) Intends abroad he to go.
(d) Martyrs are they called.
(e) Letter receive your to very am I glad.

(a) Traffic jam is a problem in all towns.
(b) It became independent in 1971.
(c) He intends to go abroad.
(d) They are called martyrs.
(e) I am very glad to receive your letter.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 7
(a) aunt lived with she her.
(b) received Socrates education a good.
(c) warfare skilled he was in.
(d) education had not much he.
(e) kingdom was ruling tired of King Lear his.

(a) She lived with her aunt.
(b) Socrates received a good education.
(c) He was skilled in warfare.
(d)  He had not much education.
(e) King Lear was tired of ruling his kingdom.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 8
(a) The police arrived no sooner than the fight had begun.
(b) Fair is foul, foul is fair.
(c) As people a king consider him.
(d) Nothing seems to he do have to.
(e) Old Newton then years was fifty.

(a) No sooner had the fight begun than the police arrived.
(b) Fair is foul, foul is fair.
(c) People consider him as a king.
(d) He seems to have nothing to do.
(e) Newton was then fifty years old.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 9
(i) Terrible accident in happened car of me front a.
(ii) Promotion eager he for is rapiod his.
(iii) Overflowed has the banks the river.
(iv) My friend of inform please my trouble.
(v) The blessings we of enjoy science.
(vi) Company a multinational in works he.
(vii) You I did work and the Altaf together.

(i) A terrible car accident happened in front of me.
(ii) He is eager for his rapid promotion.
(iii) The river has overflowed the banks.
(iv) Please inform my friend of my trouble.
(v) We enjoy the blessings of science.
(vi) He works in a multinational company.
(vii) You, Altaf and I did the work together.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 10
(i) golden Bangladesh is called of jute the fiber
(ii) him everybody satisfied with was
(iii) the brave favors fortune
(iv) is to industry the success key
(v) shine working no one life hard can in without
(vi) independence the of is man a right birth
(vii) no but can nation it achieve struggle without

(i) Jute is called the golden fiber of Bangladesh.
(ii) Everybody was satisfied with him.
(iii) Fortune favors the brave.
(iv) Industry is the key to success.
(v) No one can shine in life without working hard.
(vi) Independence is the birth right of a man.
(vii) But no nation can achieve it without struggle.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 11
(i) to Dhaka going on he insisted my.
(ii) mother every loves child her.
(iii) aim life in have everybody an should.
(iv)  of the glorious liberation war the seed lay the language movement in.
(v) the rain arrived no sooner had they than their umbrellas unfolded.
(vi) a diamond is piece of education.
(vii) a beast is man an addicted like.

(i) He insisted on my going to Dhaka.
(ii) Every mother loves her child.
(iii) Everybody should have an aim in life.
(iv) The seed of the Liberation War lay in the glorious Language Movement.
(v) No sooner had the rain arrived than they unfolded their umbrellas.
(vi) Education is a piece of diamond.
(vii) An addicted man is like a beast.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 12
(a) lies in contentment happiness.
(b) on earth everybody to be happy wants.
(c) nobody but happy can be.
(d) is free from nobody and avarice greed.
(e) nobody therefore, can contented be.

(a) Happiness lies in contentment.
(b) Everybody on earth wants to be happy.
(c) But nobody can be happy.
(d) Nobody is free from greed and avarice.
(e) Nobody, therefore, can be contented.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 13
(a) Times is cigarette a smoking of curse modern.
(b) Adversity sweet are the fruits of.
(c) Different could be leisure ways enjoyed in.
(d) Evening open one by I summer an window sitting was.
(e) Road the came down taxi then a just slowly.

(a) Smoking cigarette is a curse of modem times.
(b) Sweet are the fruits of adversity.
(c) Leisure could be enjoyed in different ways.
(d) One summer evening, I was sitting by an open window.
(e) Just then a taxi came down the road slowly.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 14
(a) In first calendar is Baishakh month Bangla the.
(b) Over celebrated Baishakh country all the Pahela is.
(c) As to life comes new us it a.
(d) Gathering Mela a is annual Baishakhi an.
(e) Day we greet on everyone this.

(a) Baishakh is the first month in Bangla calendar.
(b) Pohela Baishakh is celebrated all over the country.
(c) It comes to us as a new life.
(d) A Baishakhi Mela is an annual gathering.
(e) We greet everyone on this day.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 15
(a) Sailed york great new for titanic ship the.
(b) Compartments she water had tight sixteen.
(c) Unsinkable so it as regarded was.
(d) Voyage her down but went on she first.
(e) Sinking titanic the always will tragic, of remembered be the.

(a)The great ship Titanic sailed for New York.
(b) She had sixteen water tight compartments.
(c) So, it was regarded as unsinkable.
(d) But she went down on her first voyage.
(e) The tragic sinking of the Titanic will always be remembered.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 16
(a) Town nice Stratford is a small.
(b) Winter is quiet it in.
(c) Birthplace Shakespeare is it of the.
(d) Usually is full of it tourists.
(e) Come people visit the great birthplace dramatist of to the.

(a) Stratford is a small nice town.
(b) It is quiet in winter.
(c) It is the birthplace of Shakespeare.
(d) It is usually full of tourists.
(e) People come to visit the birthplace of the great dramatist.

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English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 17
(a) in 1564 Shakespeare born was.
(b) one of the greatest dramatists in English literature he is.
(c) is written hamlet by him.
(d) dies dramatist this popular in 1616.
(e) he is though he is by us no more still remembered.

(a) Shakespeare was born in 1564.
(b) He is one of the greatest dramatists in English literature.
(c) Hamlet is written by him.
(d) This popular dramatist dies in 1616.
(e) Though he is no more he is still remembered by us.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 18
(a) was staying an English poet in Italy.
(b) an unpaid letter he received from his friend.
(c) contained the letter in it nothing important.
(d) was the poet at this annoyed.
(e) sent a he had stone to him.

(a) An English poet was staying in Italy.
(b) He recieved an unpaid letter from his friend.
(c) The letter contained nothing important in it.
(d) The poet was annoyed at this.
(e) He had sent a stone to him.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 19
(a) than a pen a sword is mighter.
(b not neglect ) we should our duties.
(c) demoraalises frustration a man.
(d) others think of more yourself than about.
(e) Socrates know thyself the motto of was.

(a) A pen is mighter than a sword.
(b) We should not neglect our duties.
(c) Frustration demoralizes a man.
(d) Think of others more than about yourself.
(e) Know thyself was the motto of Socrates.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 20
(a) is the birth independence of a man.
(b) a good he received education.
(c) is a female education crying need.
(d) advised the doctor the to keep fit patient.
(e) living beings for all water is essential.

(a) Independence is the birth of a man.
(b) He received a good education.
(c) Female education is a crying need.
(d) The doctor advised the patient to keep fit.
(e) Water is essential for all living beings.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 21
(a) curse a great corruption is.
(b) problem so dreadful as is corruption no other.
(c) in every walk prevails of our life it.
(d) be compared it can to cancer.
(e) the whole it nation paralyses.

(a) Corruption is a great curse.
(b) No other problem is so dreadful as corruption.
(c) It prevails in every walk of our life.
(d) It can be compared to cancer.
(e) It paralyses the whole nation.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 22
(a) me invited to visit my friend Cox’s Bazar.
(b) invitation accepted I gladly the.
(c) me cordially when I, my friend received reached there.
(d) I the sea-beach was very glad to see.
(e) in my life a memorable it was journey.

(a) My friend invited me to visit Cox’s Bazar.
(b) I gladly accepted the invitation.
(c) When I reached there, my friend received me cordially.
(d) I was very glad to see the sea-beach.
(e) It was a memorable journey in my life.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 23
(a) not like flowers who does?
(b) different are used flowers on occasions
(c) flower to decorate a place we need.
(d) are the they symbol of love beauty and.
(e) also called it is the queen of flowers.

(a) Who does not like flowers?
(b) Flowers are used on different occasions
(c) We need flower to decorate a place.
(d) They are the symbol of love and beauty.
(e) It is also called the queen of flowers.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 24
(a) world is one of the sweetest mango fruits in the.
(b) these mangoes selling, people a lot of earn money.
(c) visit people over the country this place.
(d) mangoes in the summer are ripe.
(e) this place visited I once.

(a) Mango is one of the sweetest fruits in the world.
(b) Selling these mangoes, people earn a lot of money.
(c) People over the country visit this place.
(d) Mangoes are ripe in the summer.
(e) I visited this place once.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 25
(a) in our country is a poverty great problem.
(b) not try to many do better their condition.
(c) curse their they only fate.
(d) the maker man is of his own fortune.
(e) can improve by working hard, they their condition.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 26
(a) illiteracy as great as no other problem.
(b) very low rate literacy in Bangladesh is.
(c) it is too poor to imagine.
(d) should make educated people them literate.
(e) has taken to eradicate necessary steps the government illiteracy.

(a) No other problem as great as illiteracy.
(b) Literacy rate in Bangladesh is very low.
(c) It is too poor to imagine.
(d) Educated people should make them literate.
(e) The government has taken necessary steps to eradicate illiteracy.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 27
(a) exciting game is a very cricket.
(b) enjoy people of all ages the game.
(c) cricket is game the most popular at present.
(d) cricket is though game, people a costly enjoy it.
(e) bangladesh test playing country is a.

(a) Cricket is a very exciting game.
(b) People of all ages enjoy the game.
(c) At present cricket is the most popular game.
(d) Though cricket is a costly game, people enjoy it.
(e) Bangladesh is a test playing country.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 28
(a) of our freedom we are proud fighters.
(b) will never be contribution their forgotten.
(c) than any is greater their sacrifice other thing.
(d) lead many miserable of them a very life.
(e) proper steps by taking, we may improve their condition.

(a) We are proud of our freedom fighters.
(b) Their contribution will never be forgotten.
(c) Their sacrifice is greater than any other thing.
(d) Many of them lead a very miserable life.
(e) By taking proper steps, we may improve their condition.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 29
(a) is a great honesty virtue.
(b) man is an honest by all respected.
(c) him as is honest, my brother everybody loves.
(d) honest trusts everybody an man.
(e) so should we honest be on our life.

(a) Honesty is a great virtue.
(b) An honest man is respected by all.
(c) As my brother is honest, everybody loves him.
(d) Everybody trusts an honest man.
(e) So we should be honest on our life.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 30
(a) companion are the best to the people books.
(b) knowledge read books we should to gain.
(c) of great writers the books contain great ideas.
(d) books by reading, we our minds can enrich.
(e) greatest are the books friends.

(a) Books are the best companion to the people.
(b) We should read books to gain knowledge.
(c) The books of great writers contain great ideas.
(d) By reading books, we can enrich our minds.
(e) Books are the greatest friends.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 31
(a) was a very haji Mohammad Muhsin kind man.
(b) was he in Hoogly born.
(c) not he marry did.
(d) spent to help money he lavishly the poor.
(e) a thief one night into his room broke.

(a) Haji Mohammad Muhsin was a very kind man.
(b) He was born in Hoogly.
(c) He did not marry.
(d) He spent money lavishly to help the poor.
(e) One night a thief broke into his room.

English 2nd Paper Rearrange Model Test No. 32
(a) person no can be without friends happy.
(b) so, wants everybody friends.
(c) cannot receive you give it affection unless you.
(d) be happy love without you cannot.
(e) is divine, everybody as love wants it.

(a) No person can be happy without friends.
(b) So, everybody wants friends.
(c) You cannot receive affection unless you give it.
(d) You cannot be happy without love.
(e) As love is divine, everybody wants it.
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