Write a letter describing about your last summer vacation

Suppose, you are Shumon/Shumona of 225, Station Road, Chittagong. Your friend Munir/Munira living at 32/7, Pallabi, Mirpur Dhaka, wants to know how you have enjoyed your last summer vacation. Now, write a letter to him/her describing about your spending those days.
Write a letter describing about your last summer vacation
225, Station Road,
3rd March 2023

Dear Munir,                                                                                        
How are you? I had your letter week before last. But I couldn't reply in time as I was away from my home and went to enjoy my summer vacation in the village at my grandmother's house. However, now I am going to tell you about the experience I had in this visit. My grandmother's house is situated on the bank of a stream. It is a small village. The climate of the village is quite refreshing and lovely. One of my friends Tutul was with me. We were there for about twelve days. We got up early every morning and went out for a walk by the waterside. It was really charming and fascinating. The quietness of the morning, the cool breeze from the stream were heavenly. The thing that I had enjoyed most is the scene of sun-rise. With every sun-rise I wondered at the beauty of Nature and considered myself fortunate enough to be able to witness something which is rare in town or city life.

I had no experience in fishing in the river before, but this time I went to fish and enjoyed it very much. Every evening I and Tutul would go to the stream to fish. I had a great fun bathing in the river and walking in the mango orchard and in the open air.

I wish you were there with me too. Nevertheless, I enjoy to share my experience with you also. Waiting to hear from you soon.

Yours ever,





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