General knowledge in English literature mcq with answer | GK-01

General Knowledge MCQ in English
01. The passive form of the sentence: He said, 'I did not refuse to help.'
a. He denied that he had refused to help
b. He said that he does not want to help
c. He denied that he refused to help
d. He said he did not help
Answer: c. He denied that he refused to help

02. He was accused of......others to revolt.
a. alluring
b. attracting  
c. inciting
d. inviting
Answer: c. inciting

03. I gave him all the money…...I had.
a. which
b. what   
c. those
d. that
Answer: b. what   

04. She.......her parents and got married.
a. defied
b. denied  
c. denounced
d. approached
Answer: a. defied

05. The news of her death circulated—
a. fast
b. instantly   
c. abruptly  
d. quickly
Answer: c. abruptly  

06. I called......his address on the computer.
a. on    
b. after   
c. up     
d. for
Answer: c. up     

07. She her beauty
a. bewildered
b. besotted
c. bewitched
d. besieged
Answer: c. bewitched

08. She has cast her old friend—
a. inside  
b. outside   
c. aside     
d. away
Answer: c. aside     

09. His parents seemed very—
a. amiability  
b. amiably
c. amiable
d. amicable
Answer: c. amiable

10. The skirt the back
a. on    
b. in   
c. out   
d. up
Answer: d. up

11. They......expensive combs, she knew
a. are
b. have  
c. were  
d. had
Answer: c. were  

12. Choose the adjective form of the following words:
a. Excitement
b. Exciting
c. Excite
d. Excitingly
Answer: b. Exciting

13. Which sentence is correct?
a. He does not trust even his friends
b. He does not trust and his friends
c. He does not trust in and his friends
d. He does not trust with his friends
Answer: a. He does not trust even his friends

14. My uncle looks after me. Passive form is:
a. I am looking after by my uncle.
b. I was looked after by me uncle.
c. I am being looked after by my uncle.
d. I am looked after by my uncle
Answer: d. I am looked after by my uncle

15. Choose, the appropriate meaning of the idiom 'Swan Song'-
a. Middle Work
b. First work
c. Last work   
d. Early work
Answer: c. Last work

16. Let's have a cup of tea—-? Add a question tag to this sentence.
a. shan't we
b. have we
c. shall we
d. haven't we
Answer: c. shall we

17. The correct spelling is:
a. Humorious
b. Humorous
c. Humourous
d. Humonrious
Answer: b. Humorous

18. Genocide is.....
a. a verb
b. an adjective
c. a preposition
d. a noun
Answer: d. a noun

19. hard that he is certain to succeed.
a. worked
b. work   
c. works      
d. was working
Answer: c. works      

20. Synonym of SUBSTANTIATE is:
a. stage
b. confirm
b. Diverse    
c. Reflect
Answer: b. confirm

21. What is the past Participle form of the word SWING?
a. Swong
b. Swang   
c. Sang       
d. Swung
Answer: d. Swung

22. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words (35-39):
Four and four………eight.
a. makes         
b. make        
c. is     
d. as
Answer: a. makes

23. He made his children……….their homework every afternoon.
a. fo    
b. to do    
c. to study      
d. minded
Answer: a. makes

24. Bread is usually made.......wheat.
a. in       
b. at      
c. from
d. of
Answer: c. from        

25. Fifty miles........a long distance.
a. are     
b. is    
c. had    
d. were
Answer: b. is


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