Write a letter about the importance of learning English

Write a letter to your younger brother about the importance of learning English.

Momin Road, Chittagong

My dear Sujan
My love is to you. I received your letter on the 8th instant and came to know that you have got very poor marks in English in your Half-Yearly Examination. I have observed that you are not keen to learn English. The importance of learning English is immense.
English is an international language. So the necessity of learning English cannot be denied. English is the official and state language of many countries of the world. At present it has become the main medium of communication. You cannot hope to communicate with the other countries or with the foreigners without knowing English. Getting a good job now totally depends on the knowledge of English. Books on advanced learning, science and technology and literature are also published in English. Without having a good command over English you cannot expect to study or go through these books and articles. For receiving higher education, learning English is a must. So if you want to keep pace with the modern world, you ought to learn English and put more emphasis on it. 
No more today. More when we will meet. I hope you will take proper care of your study.

Your loving sister

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Write a letter about the importance of learning English

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